The Plan

After dropping the sweatshirts in February I had already planned out new designs for pieces and been in talks with the manufacturer.


Full transparency about the business, getting the clothing is relatively more difficult than anything else, as it should be. There’s a whole list of items to choose after you have a design idea. You have to come up with details on fabrics, sizing, shells, color-ways, artistic pieces, embroidery threading, and more. Then making it all come together is a process.


On the other hand, things like watches and lighters are a little bit easier. There’s standard styles & materials to choose from & while we’re not in the Richard Mille league, it limits our options in a good way to make these accessory items affordable for everyone.


Now myself, I get easily excited about the business and love to see it grow. Once I dropped the 2 hoodie designs I started promoting on IG & Facebook nonstop & wanted everyone to see the designs. Then I saw the watches & lighters come to life, and I got even more excited, until I had a conversation with someone who gave me some incredible advice.


“You’ll by inspired by a lot of things around you, that doesn’t mean you have to pursue them”. He reminded me that I’m a clothing brand, and not to lose focus of that. Watches & lighters & the stockpile of other accessories I had planned were nice but secondary, and that I should focus on the clothing first. He told me to slow down, enjoy the process, build a collection & find a voice before promoting and marketing. That came with a lot of other advice that I’m incredibly grateful for & I couldn’t have been happier to have that conversation.


I’m more than ready to sell pieces to anyone & everyone interested, and hope this business grows organically. But, before I pursue any aggressive marketing, I’m excited to spend the rest of 2019 coming out with new designs & new color-ways to build a huge collection that everyone can enjoy. I’m excited for what’s in store & I hope you enjoy what’s here as much as what’s to come. Remember to always follow your compass.




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