The Idea

Let’s be real, most of you reading this know me, Moni, on a personal note. I’ve also had a friend, Furq, work with me on this project East Linq and it wouldn’t have been possible without him.

Since I announced the brand I’ve gotten a lot of questions, specifically “what about Zuited”, “why another clothing company”, and “what gave you this idea”.

First off, for everyone wondering what Zuited is, it’s a brand I’m a co-founder of, focused on men’s formal wear, and still running strong. I love Zuited and owe a lot to everything it taught me. I learned about business operations, stock management, marketing, and more, and I think it really prepared me to operate and run East Linq.

I have so many ideas for designs, branding, and products. I needed an outlet for these, which pushed me more towards creating my own clothing brand, focused on streetwear.

When it comes to the quality, we made sure East Linq had the best sweatshirt shells you can find, we spent extra money on the embroidery thread to get it special made, and a whole list of other investments. To give you an idea, I had decided on a manufacturer in September & we didn’t get the order in until February, because we wanted every detail to be perfect. But that isn’t what we’re trying to promote, because we know people EXPECT sweatshirts to always have some level of comfort. We went the extra mile because we want you to get your product and be like “sheeeeeeeesh... this is softer than any sweatshirt I own”.

The idea itself for East Linq came years ago. I was actually at James Madison University holding the position of President of a business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, when our lovely VP Emma came to me when something miraculously worked out and told me it’s “Kismet”. Now I knew Kismet was an Arabic word, but you see Emma was, well, far from Arabian.

I asked about how she knew that word and she told me how much she loved middle eastern culture and the language. Growing up around the culture, I knew its beauty and that inspired me to start a brand, named Kismet, focused on Middle Eastern/Arabic designs.

As time went on and I started creating designs, I slowly realized my brand needs to be closer to home, the east coast, while still paying homage to the middle eastern cultures and roots I wanted to showcase.

We came up with East Linq. Linking the East Coast with the Eastern Hemisphere.

We have a ton of new products and different designs coming in the next few months that we’re incredibly excited about. We’re taking some classic designs and making them new, and taking some new designs and making them classics. We’re happy you’re along for the ride, & hope you always follow your compass.


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