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The Plan

After dropping the sweatshirts in February I had already planned out new designs for pieces and been in talks with the manufacturer.   Full transparency about the business, getting the clothing is relatively more difficult than anything else, as it should be. There’s a whole list of items to choose after you have a design idea. You have to come up with details on fabrics, sizing, shells, color-ways, artistic pieces, embroidery threading, and more. Then making it all come together is a process.   On the other hand, things like watches and lighters are a little bit easier. There’s standard styles & materials to choose from & while we’re not in the Richard Mille league, it limits our options in...

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The Idea

Let’s be real, most of you reading this know me, Moni, on a personal note. I’ve also had a friend, Furq, work with me on this project East Linq and it wouldn’t have been possible without him. Since I announced the brand I’ve gotten a lot of questions, specifically “what about Zuited”, “why another clothing company”, and “what gave you this idea”. First off, for everyone wondering what Zuited is, it’s a brand I’m a co-founder of, focused on men’s formal wear, and still running strong. I love Zuited and owe a lot to everything it taught me. I learned about business operations, stock management, marketing, and more, and I think it really prepared me to operate and run East...

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